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TuxJam 78 – Gifts for Geeks 2019

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Is there a geek in your family? The answer must be yes, at the very least there’s you! Why else would you be reading this? If your family or friends need ideas, then point them here or plunder our list if they too are geeks.

Your hosts Kevie, Dave (aka thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) offer up a spectrum of gifts from the cheap and safe, to the weird and downright bizarre along with a few that cost mega-bucks.

Being based in the UK we looked at prices in GBP (£) but it is only a rough guide so you can view the ranges below in Euros or USD ($).

Stocking filler (under 10):

Brown paper bag insulated lunch bag

Clothes peg clip light

PCB coaster

Tux Penguin Cookie Cutter

Penguin USB Stick

Low (10-25):

Buy merchandise from the official stores eg:

Air quality, pressure, temp, humidity sensor for RPi

Inky pHat

SoloKeys (or from or

Mid range(25-100):

Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Joystick

Wonderboom 2

Tree New Bee

Ubercorn – 16×16 LED array for RPi

8BitDo SF30 PRO Bluetooth Gamepad (full collection at Pimoroni)

Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB

High priced (100+):

Nike Self Tying Laces

Lego Wind Turbine

Hybrid Smartwatch HR Collider

Smart Belt

Creality Ender 3 3D Printer (significantly cheaper on Banggood app)

GPD Micro PC

Wow you really love them:

HP Spectre X350 15

Dell XPS 13 Laptop 7390

Custom guitar

Festive Creative Commons music tracks:

Ralph G – When the Snow Falls

Thicker Than Water – Joy To The World

The Willows – Winter Wonderland

Virtual Choir – Silent Night

Author: Kevie Macphail

Kevie is from the Outer Hebrides, in the north west of Scotland,UK. He started podcasting with TuxJam back in 2011 and followed this by co-hosting tech-themed, discussion show Crivins along with Gordon Sinclair. A full time Linux user, currently using Debian as his distro of choice, and a keen promoter of unknown artists/bands, especially those who release their music under a Creative Commons license, this led Kevie to starting the CCJam community podcast. Always keen to spread the word on Creative Commons music and open source projects, Kevie has appeared as a guest on the Bugcast, Hacker Public Radio, Music Manumit Podcast, Rathole Radio and TINT.

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