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Podcrawl Jitsi

Saturday 19 December 2020
starting from 18:00 thru whenever

Video conference

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What is Podcrawl?

Podcrawl at Christmas

Now, we wouldn’t usually do a Podcrawl at Christmas, however due to the success of the virtual Podcrawl in August – and the feedback from those who attended – we are going to try and do these a little more regularly, say, 3 or 4 times a year. With everyone in various states of lockdown and isolation, every little bit counts.

Bring your own bottle.

This year, we’re doing things slightly differently due to the current lockdown situation. We can’t meet in person, but there’s no way we were going to miss out on the opportunity to get together and enjoy quality beer and whisky and have a good yarn in the process. So, we have decided that we shall continue as planned with the event, but virtually. We hope this will allow those people who have wanted to join us in the past but have been unable to due to the location.

Video Conference Link

We are holding the event on the freedom-loving, open-source Jitsi video conferencing service.
Thanks to elmussol for hosting this Jitsi conference.


Note: If you’re joining us from a desktop browser, things should just work. However, if you’re using a phone or tablet device, you may need to download the free Jitsi Meet application, which you can get from F-Droid, Google Play, or the App Store.

Telegram Group

You can also join us in our Telegram group so we can chat and share outside of the video conference.


About the event

Podcrawl Glasgow is an annual event, hosted by the guys from TuxJam, that started in 2014, although its roots date back to the first Podcrawl in 2008.

Whether you are a podcaster, a fan of podcasts, indie artist or band member, then you will be made most welcome.

Please note that due to the time of the Podcrawl and the nature of public houses in Scotland, this event is for people aged eighteen years and older, most Glasgow pubs will not give entry to children.