TuxJam 61 – Gifts for Geeks 2017

It’s that time of year again when we suggest gifts that we you might like to find stuffed into your stocking by our partners Santa. We’ve handily organised them by price to ease the pressure on your Santa’s wallet.
Stocking fillers (under £10)

Low-Mid range (£10-25)
  • Imusic pillow
  • Take a look at their Steam account, most users have games on their wishlist. Buy the game on Christmas Eve, print off an item saying here’s your present and put it in a card.
  • Personalised glasses or a mug with their name and likes on it (make it extremely personal).
  • Stealth VR
  • VRidge FREE (10 min per session)Google cardboard £15 for one, £25 for two
  • Electronics starter kits: Sometimes are self-contained kits with pluggable components, but be aware that some of these may be intended specifically at beginners.  Other times, they are filled with various kinds of components with instructions to make a number of projects.  You may need additional equipment – like a soldering iron – so always check the product description!
  • Soldering starter kits: Usually contain a soldering iron, holder, solder reel, desoldering pump, at a minimum. These are often Chinese imports from unknown companies.  Do a search in your shopping site of choice, and make an informed decision. Or go somewhere like Maplin.
  • The micro:bit (pictured below)
  • ANENG AN8008 Multimeter
Mid-High end (£25-100)

High price (£100+)
The butterfly project as described by Dave in the show

Wow,you really love them

Festive Tunes:

Author: Kevie Macphail

Kevie is from the Outer Hebrides, in the north west of Scotland,UK. He started podcasting with TuxJam back in 2011 and followed this by co-hosting tech-themed, discussion show Crivins along with Gordon Sinclair. A full time Linux user, currently using Debian as his distro of choice, and a keen promoter of unknown artists/bands, especially those who release their music under a Creative Commons license, this led Kevie to starting the CCJam community podcast. Always keen to spread the word on Creative Commons music and open source projects, Kevie has appeared as a guest on the Bugcast, Hacker Public Radio, Music Manumit Podcast, Rathole Radio and TINT.

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