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Tuxjam 113 – Ultramarine

tuxjam image

Al, Dave, Andrew and Kevie brave heat and cold and everything in between to bring you free bits and bytes and CC tunes. We start off with our usual roundup of recent releases on distrowatch.

We only have one item for review in this show: the Ultramarine distro based on Fedora. Dave and Al look at the version that runs on regular PCs whereas Kevie and Andrew try out the images provided for 64 bit Raspberry Pis.

We finish up with a brief round-up of feedback and how to contact us.

Music licensed under some kind of Creative Commons license played in this show are:

  1. Eversame – warmth of your snow
  2. Richard Shekari – Amazing
  3. Mahidevran – Empty Ocean
  4. Mystic Crock – Crossing Styx

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