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TuxJam 24

In Tuxjam episode 24, Andrew returns to join Kevie in discussing security-related FOSS software, including Tor & Torchat, Enigmail and EncFS. Andrew talks about his new toy – the ZTE Open Firefox OS phone – and Kevie does a commendable job of avoiding the green-eyed monster since his Geeksphone will be further delayed. Thanks to @theru for alerting us to this mention of TuxJam on

Creative commons tracks played in this episode:

Clarice by onsind
Airplane Mode by Josh Woodward
Birmingham Jail by Chatham County Line
Got My Modem Working by Fit and the Conniptions
I do not think so by Elin Pelin
Story 3 by Jay Kishor

TuxJam 23

Dave Hughes joins Kevie for the 23rd Episode of TuxJam. Dave speaks about the progress of his band Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band along with his love for Linux and open source software. Along with following great creative commons tracks:

TuxJam 22

In Episode 22 of TuxJam Kevie and Andrew take a look at some alternative software to use for creating podcasts. Whilst Kevie sticks to the safety of the desktop, Andrew branches out into the mobile world on the Android platform. The applications reviewed are: micdroid, Urecord, OpenWatch, Ecasound, Audio Recorder and a mention to Merge MP3(windows only software)
Along with the usual mix of Creative Commons music:

TuxJam 21

In episode 21 of TuxJam, Kevie and Andrew take a look at a variety of podcatchers including: podget, podbeuter, AntennaPod and Amarok. Along with the usual mix of creative commons tracks:

TuxJam 20

As TuxJam leaves the terrible teens and aims for more maturity, Kevie
and Andrew promise that things won’t get too serious on the podcast.
After a recommendation on, the team look at a range of CLI
applications including Links web browser, Finch instant messenger, Weechat IRC (basic help), Identicurse status net client and Mutt
email client.  We also have some feedback on the show from Dave Morriss
who wrote in to say how much he has been enjoying the show and also
from Edward R Baisley Jr who altered the TuxJam logo.

TuxJam 19

The nineteenth episode of TuxJam sees Kevie and Andrew putting in a
bit of hard work and undertaking the challenging task of looking at a
variety of open source, Linux games X-Moto, FreeOrion, Dope Wars and  Minetest.  Along with the usual mix of creative commons tracks including:

TuxJam 18

In the eighteenth episode of TuxJam, Kevie and Andrew take a look at variety of file managers including ViFM, Tux Commander, PCmanFM, Dino, Ranger
and Windows Explorer. As we overran significantly it was decided that
two episodes would be released: edited and extended.  In the extended
edition there is also a look at the latest distros of the week and a
review of Cinnarch. This edition can be downloaded here. All this along with the usual blend of Creative Commons music:

TuxJam 17

TuxJam is back for episode 17, Kevie returns and has a new co-host Andrew (Mcnalu).  In his first episode Andrew talks of his distro of choice Slackware, his favourite open source applications: office suite LibreOffice and music player mpd with NCMPCPP.
Along with his new toy the Raspberry Pi. But we haven’t neglected the
loyal listeners by forgetting the music, with tracks from:

Finally not forgetting to mention the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALEX11) on the 22-24 February 2013 at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles, USA.

TuxJam 16

TuxJam returns for it’s sixteenth episode with the usual host Kevie looking at a variety of Linux distros including Cinnarch 2012.11.22, Linux 0.8.2 “LXDE” edition, Kwort Linux 3.5, Canaima GNU/Linux 3.1 and GALPon MiniNo 2.0. Along with a variety of open source pieces of software including an in-depth look at Siduction, GPRename, Twidere and kitchen timer. Along with the variety of Creative Commons music:

  1. Joel Hood – Teardrops
  2. Dave Hughes – Outnumbered
  3. Sushi Drive In – Satellite
  4. Kajam – Little Light
  5. Soap. – I’ll Recover
  6. Digits – Walking with the dead

TuxJam 15

After a sunny warm summer on Lewis, TuxJam makes a return that
coincides with the rain and gales.  To entertain the listeners on the
cold autumn nights Kevie looks at Tiny Core Linux 4.6, WattOS R6, ZorinOS 6.1 “Lite”, SalineOS 2.0, Manjaro Linux 0.8 and PCLinuxOS 2012.08. Along with an in-depth look at Lubuntu, WriteType, Radio Tray and Android browser Orweb v2.  Listen to Kevie on a recent episode of the Music Manumit podcast. Please email suggestions for music/software for Kevie to try out, tag the message #tuxjam (, Diaspora or Libertree) or make a note of it on TuxJam’s PiratePad page.  Along with the following great creative commons tracks: