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TuxJam 75 – Beer goggles

The usual geekoloid trio are back – Kevie, Dave (ask thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) – riding a raft of free and open source goodness on the white waters of Creative Commons licensed tunes.

As usual we scour for recent and less well-known distro releases and then go on to recount our experiences with AVLinux which specialises in audio and video production. We had intended to review a distro named after a beer but the only one we found was Stella and we had zero luck with it. (TBH, us real ale quaffing snobs find it hard to get on with Stella Artois the drink.)

And if you can make it to Glasgow on the last Saturday of July, we would be delighted to welcome you to this year’s Podcrawl Glasgow. If you cannot make it in person, why not drink along with us and join in our live review of a beer app called Bierverkostung (it’s German for Beer Tasting – might it literally mean beer works tongue?). More details in due course.

Creative Commons and other tracks played in this episode:

Author: Kevie Macphail

Kevie is from the Outer Hebrides, in the north west of Scotland,UK. He started podcasting with TuxJam back in 2011 and followed this by co-hosting tech-themed, discussion show Crivins along with Gordon Sinclair. A full time Linux user, currently using Debian as his distro of choice, and a keen promoter of unknown artists/bands, especially those who release their music under a Creative Commons license, this led Kevie to starting the CCJam community podcast. Always keen to spread the word on Creative Commons music and open source projects, Kevie has appeared as a guest on the Bugcast, Hacker Public Radio, Music Manumit Podcast, Rathole Radio and TINT.

2 thoughts on “TuxJam 75 – Beer goggles”

  1. I am bit late with my podcast listening. So only got to listen to this episode this morning. While gardening, no less.
    So this comment is the day after Podcrawl Glasgow. Hope you all had a nice time! I am sure you have. And I am not envious at all. No. Nope.
    I have one question about this episode. Someone mentioned “independent beer”. What is that? Does it mean you cannot order it? Only ask nicely for its presence? Or does it mean it might not stay in the place you put it?
    As you are an independent audiocast, I cannot demand an answer, just humbly ask for a response.
    Yours truly,
    (faithful listener since episode 1)

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