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TuxJam 16

TuxJam returns for it’s sixteenth episode with the usual host Kevie looking at a variety of Linux distros including Cinnarch 2012.11.22, Linux 0.8.2 “LXDE” edition, Kwort Linux 3.5, Canaima GNU/Linux 3.1 and GALPon MiniNo 2.0. Along with a variety of open source pieces of software including an in-depth look at Siduction, GPRename, Twidere and kitchen timer. Along with the variety of Creative Commons music:

  1. Joel Hood – Teardrops
  2. Dave Hughes – Outnumbered
  3. Sushi Drive In – Satellite
  4. Kajam – Little Light
  5. Soap. – I’ll Recover
  6. Digits – Walking with the dead

TuxJam 15

After a sunny warm summer on Lewis, TuxJam makes a return that
coincides with the rain and gales.  To entertain the listeners on the
cold autumn nights Kevie looks at Tiny Core Linux 4.6, WattOS R6, ZorinOS 6.1 “Lite”, SalineOS 2.0, Manjaro Linux 0.8 and PCLinuxOS 2012.08. Along with an in-depth look at Lubuntu, WriteType, Radio Tray and Android browser Orweb v2.  Listen to Kevie on a recent episode of the Music Manumit podcast. Please email suggestions for music/software for Kevie to try out, tag the message #tuxjam (, Diaspora or Libertree) or make a note of it on TuxJam’s PiratePad page.  Along with the following great creative commons tracks:

TuxJam 14

Joining Kevie in the TuxJam hotseat is Wayne Myers from Fit & the
Conniptions. We take a look at some of the new releases including: Slackel KDE-4.8.2-1,Vyatta 6.4 Debian based firewall and security,Lightweight Portable Security 1.3.4 Dept of defence, ArchBang Linux 2012.05 , CrunchBang Linux 11 R20120430 Openbox. Wayne talks about his experience with Linux distros and reviews Ardour, Audacity and Hydrogen. Along with the usual mix of creative commons tracks.

TuxJam 13


In the thirteenth episode of TuxJam, Kevie recommends that everybody takes a look at the new look Jamendo site and has a yarn with John Spriggs, who runs the site  This along with Creative Commons music from

TuxJam 12

In the Twelth episode (not the eleventh as I said at the stat of the
show) of TuxJam, Kevie takes a look at the new releases including Lightweight Portable Security, Slackel, SliTaz and SnowLinux.There is a review of a piece of hardware that is embracing the Linux way: Humax Foxsat
HDR 500GB Freesat HD Satellite Receiver and Digital TV Recorder. There
is a variety of desktop,web and phone applications with a look at RedImages, jplay and Campscout. All this combined with the usual mix of ccmusic:

Check out Marcin Karpezo links that he sent to the show:

TuxJam 11

TuxJam episode 11 takes the form of an interview with the Rathole Radio and Linux Outlaws host Dan Lynch.  Dan has been into Linux for years and continues to release Creative Commons music with his current band 20lb Sounds.  The interview is sandwiched inbetween two of Dan’s tracks: Oystercatcher’s Escape and El Bubbalino.  Sit back and enjoy the yarn.  Normal service will be resumed in episode 12.

TuxJam 10


As the new year enters TuxJam reaches double figures, something that I wasnât sure would happen when I started this podcast back in June 2011.

In the tenth episode Kevie looks at Toorox, ArtistX, Dream Linux and Siduction. As well as a more in depth look at SalineOS along with Android applications Trolley and Units.

The source of my creative commons music files are revealed: Jamendo, Vimeo, Free Music Archive, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Soundclick, Bad Panda Records and Eardrums Pop. Along with a plea for some of the good listeners to point Kevie in the right direction in order to unearth some more hidden gems of the CCMusic world.

If you would like to contact the show then you can email tuxjam at or contact me directly on and please start the message with @kevie or have #tuxjam somewhere in the message.

Along with six great creative commons tracks:

  • LauraK – Saboteur
  • Drunken Horses – a woman like me
  • Rattlesnake Train – Step by Step
  • Teresa – I Cannot live without your love
  • Necessary Road – The other side of the Blues
  • Machro – Introduction

TuxJam 9

In the second of the TuxJam Christmas specials, we take a look at some gift ideas for the geek in your life, these have been split into three categories:

High price
Mid price
Stocking fillers

High price:

Concept watches
Popcorn Hour a210 media centre
A PC with Linux pre-installed UK US

Mid Price:

GP2x Canoo
Darth Vader USB hub
Atari 2600 flashback
USB Turntable or tapedeck
A Magnatune subscription
A Linux Format subscription
A donation to Creative Commons

Stocking fillers:

DVD comedy from The IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory
Cafepress and Zazzle offer a wide range of geek/Linux t-shirts
Linux mug
Stuffed Tux or Gnu
Stickers are available from a variety of outlets, as are pin badges
A Linux keyboard or simply purchase the Tux key

Plus a variety of festive tracks to keep you entertained:

  • Snowflake & ccMixer – Christmas Time
  • The Racoons – Crazy Wintertime
  • Isaac Smith – A Christmas Medley
  • Trench Town Oddities – Favourite Time of the Year
  • The Experiments – Smells Like Christmas Spirit
  • And Kngs Will Come From Your Body – We Three Kings

Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the show.

TuxJam 8

TuxJam episode 8 takes the form of the first of two Christmas specials. In this episode we take a look at the MATE desktop environment, the open source Christmas game RUDI and the Clementine media player based on the KDE favourite Amarok.

Along with this a varied collection of Christmas tunes, including:

TuxJam 7

In the seventh episode of TuxJam we take a brief look at Turnkey Linux, Crunchbang and Crux. This is followed by an indepth look at the libre gnu/Linux distro Trisquel, Quassel IRC client and Diaspora Webclient on the android platform.

As well as the tracks: