TuxJam 44 – Simple surf ubuntu do

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie throw off their slippers and discard their (bubble) pipes in their ongoing quest for little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Creative Commons music. After the usual round-up of recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on distrowatch.com Kevie describes his thoughts on his day-to-day experience of using the BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu phone for the last few months. Andrew and Kevie then review the no-frills web browser surf – recommended by chalkahlom – which turns out not to be quite as lightweight as you might expect, especially if you run it using tabbed. Andrew then discusses his experience of using the Android SimpleDo app on his phone since it was first reviewed on TuxJam some moons ago. Finally, there’s a brief round-up of feedback on past shows, including a few kind words. Feedback is much appreciated, even if critical. There are several ways to get in touch including commenting on this post – so don’t hold back!

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

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