TuxJam 43 – A Distinctly NuTyX Flavour

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) are back from our summer holiday (or vacation if you prefer) and keen to get stuck into the world of not-so-well-known free and open source (FOSS) software and Creative Commons music. We start off with our usual distrowatch round-up of new lesser-know GNU/linux distro releases, then move on to discuss experiences with NuTyX – a distro built from the ground up using Linux from Scratch (LFS). We then take a look at the ultra-lightweight web browser Dillo and consider whether its speed and no-frills approach is still useful in a web dominated by javascript (hint: for text content, yes). Kevie then goes on to discuss his experiences with python-based linux twitter client Polly. Finally we recall the early, heady days of summer when we met up with Dave Morris and Andrew Gregory for Podcrawl Glasgow.


Creative commons tracks played in this episode: