TuxJam 69 – Tuxy McJamface

Your creative, common, free and open hosts of Tuxjam, Kevie, Dave (aka thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) return for another tour of software and tunes. We start, as always, with a glance down the latest releases on  distrowatch.

In an attempt to inject brevity into the show we tried only review two items this month:

But we managed instead to talk longer about fewer things with Dave doing an excellent Columbo impersonation with several “one more thing”s about KDE Neon.

KDE Neon desktop

The following CCmusic tracks were not harmed in the making of this episode:

We close the show with a brief roundup of feedback. Any that you may have is always welcome, email us direct should you have any advice, tips, questions or simply want to say hi.

TuxJam 68 point 5 – The new feeds

A short episode with details of the new feeds:

TuxJam 68 – Penetrative Testing Disco

Andrew, Dave and Kevie return after a bit of a delay having fought off a number of viruses kindly donated to them by their children. We hope you enjoy our 68th offering of free and open source software and creative commons software.


After the usual distrowatch roundup with our quick impressions of recent linux distribution releases, we take a deeper look at the highly polished linux distribution from China, Deepin linux 15.7.

And an apology follows, because in TuxJam 60 (Thrusty spaceships) the show notes claimed we reviewed the game Alite, a re-creation of the classic game Elite on Android, but we did not. This was politely pointed out to us by its developer Philipp Bouillon. Sorry Phillip! We hope we have now righted that wrong by reviewing it in this episode.

Also reviewed is the interesting but quirky FOSS Browser on Android.

Finally, in the feedback section we briefly discuss the review of TuxJam by the LinuxLinks website and how we compare, in their opinion, to other Linux podcasts. We round of the show recalling our fond memories of this year’s Podcrawl Glasgow and also Oggcamp 2018 which was held in Sheffield.

CC Music tracks:

Your feedback is always welcome, email us direct should you have any advice, tips, questions or simply want to say hi.

TuxJam 66 – Heads or Fails?

After their usual swing through distrowatch, your hosts Kevie, Dave (aka thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) pair up to review three offerings from the wonderful world of free and open source software:

NextCloud Notes (note taking app for NextCloud)

Heads (Live distro, focused on privacy, based on Devuan)

SimpleNote (Cloud based note taking app for Android)

Along with the usual mix of Creative Commons music:

No keyboards were harmed during the making of this podcast though one did have too much beer and had to spend a few days sobering up.

TuxJam 65 – The End is nigh, more or less

In this episode your intrepid explorers, Dave, Kevie and Andrew take a stroll through distrowatch and then venture deep into  the forest of free and open source software to discover three treasures:

He likes it.
Can you guess what Kevie thinks of Endless OS?

Creative commons tunes played in this episode:

TuxJam 64 – Space Time

Kevie, Dave (aka thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) take a wander through the wonders of recent releases reported on distrowatch before reviewing a trio of free and open source marvels. For older hardware and those in places where the internet is not so great, there is the Emmabuntüs linux distro. Then if you have some free time to fill, you might want to try out the space sim game Pioneer. It’s inspired by the classic Elite 2: Frontier game. But if you have no free time at all and are prone to forgetting important tasks (ed: such as writing show notes) then why not let your phone govern your life with the Open Tasks app.



TuxJam 63 – GymJams

Kevie, Dave (aka thelovebug) and Andrew (aka mcnalu) begin their New Year detox and fitness regime by talking about beer and pipes before going through their regular distrowatch work-out which includes a brief furrowing of brows over the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities.

Speedmeter screenshot
Speedmeter screenshot

Next our intrepid trio review:

  • PureOS – A free software respecting GNU/Linux distro (vaguely related to detox via its name)
  • Speedmeter – A simple app that tells you information about your movements (featuring a mini-rant by Andrew about Sith Lords tampering which machines at his gym)




Creative commons music played in this episode:

Other links mentioned:

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TuxJam 62 – Crypto Christmas Currency

In the second of the Christmas themed episode, Andrew, Dave and Kevie take a look at the BitCoin themed distro Bitkey Linux. With a bonus Christmas present of a UK based voucher site that accepts Bitcoin called Zeek. For those who like to use open source apps on their Android devices, the F-droid app store has been given a makeover in time for the festive season. Everybody remembers those days when family comes around during the holidays and board games were the main order of entertainment, Pushover brings the fun of dominoes without the need to place them down perfectly on a level tabletop.

Pushover – a family friendly puzzle platform game

Along with these we have an array of Creative Commons Christmas tunes:


TuxJam 61 – Gifts for Geeks 2017

It’s that time of year again when we suggest gifts that we you might like to find stuffed into your stocking by our partners Santa. We’ve handily organised them by price to ease the pressure on your Santa’s wallet.
Stocking fillers (under £10)

Low-Mid range (£10-25)
  • Imusic pillow
  • Take a look at their Steam account, most users have games on their wishlist. Buy the game on Christmas Eve, print off an item saying here’s your present and put it in a card.
  • Personalised glasses or a mug with their name and likes on it (make it extremely personal).
  • Stealth VR
  • VRidge FREE (10 min per session)Google cardboard £15 for one, £25 for two
  • Electronics starter kits: Sometimes are self-contained kits with pluggable components, but be aware that some of these may be intended specifically at beginners.  Other times, they are filled with various kinds of components with instructions to make a number of projects.  You may need additional equipment – like a soldering iron – so always check the product description!
  • Soldering starter kits: Usually contain a soldering iron, holder, solder reel, desoldering pump, at a minimum. These are often Chinese imports from unknown companies.  Do a search in your shopping site of choice, and make an informed decision. Or go somewhere like Maplin.
  • The micro:bit (pictured below)
  • ANENG AN8008 Multimeter
Mid-High end (£25-100)

High price (£100+)
The butterfly project as described by Dave in the show

Wow,you really love them

Festive Tunes:

TuxJam 60 – Thrusty Spaceships

Your hosts – Kevie, Dave (thelovebug) and Andrew (mcnalu) – bring you a stellar array of software in this episode. Quite literally with Stellarium, both on the Desktop and via Google Play, which allows you to explore the stars without waiting for a dark, clear sky or enduring the cold that goes with it. We also give an honourable mention to Sky Map which debuted on the first production Android phone and is still available on Google Play and F-Droid. Also from F-Droid is the simple yet addictive, time-gobbler Critical Velocity which might be better named Thrusty Spaceships (think Flappy Birds). If retro-tradey-fighty-spaceships is more your thing then you might be interested in our wee review of Alite which is an affectionate reworking of the classic Elite for Android phones. And we then turn our attention to a First Person Shooter, giving a thumbs up (and aching index finger) to the highly moddable Cube 2: Sauerbraten. We finish up with tales from this summer’s Podcrawl Glasgow including some things that Dave didn’t want brought up.

Creative commons licensed tunes played in this episode are: