TuxJam 47 – A Geeky Christmas Carol

Cover2Kevie and mcnalu take time out of their port-supping and mince pie gobbling to bring another TuxJam festive special, this time in three Dickensian parts:

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

Happy New Year!

TuxJam 46 – Gift for geeks 2015

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue the TuxJam tradition of abandoning our usual format to bring you a special festive episode that brings you suggestions of gifts for geeks, or indeed gifts that might help bring out the inner-geek in a friend or family-member.

Gifts  for Geeks

Stocking fillers (£0 to £20)

Mid-range (£20 to £150)

Top-end (£150 or more)

Festive Creative Commons tracks played

Wishing you a Merry Christrmas and a Happy New Year from Kevie and Andrew!

TuxJam 45 – We’ve got an ogg feeling about this

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue their neverending* tour of little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) whilst dancing to the tune of Creative Commons music. We survey recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on distrowatch.com and then Andrew recounts his first experiences as an attendee of Oggcamp. Kevie and Andrew then review 4MLinux which is a quadrapedal distro standing on legs of Maintenance, Media, Mini-server and Mystery. Kevie then discusses his experience of playing 4 color taxi which was his first ever bitcoin purchase. Finally, after thinking we had no feedback, we in fact had loads, including some in-person kind words from Alister Christman at Oggcamp. Please do get in touch and remember you can comment on this post.

*This show is not of infinite length.

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

TuxJam 44 – Simple surf ubuntu do

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie throw off their slippers and discard their (bubble) pipes in their ongoing quest for little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Creative Commons music. After the usual round-up of recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on distrowatch.com Kevie describes his thoughts on his day-to-day experience of using the BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu phone for the last few months. Andrew and Kevie then review the no-frills web browser surf – recommended by chalkahlom – which turns out not to be quite as lightweight as you might expect, especially if you run it using tabbed. Andrew then discusses his experience of using the Android SimpleDo app on his phone since it was first reviewed on TuxJam some moons ago. Finally, there’s a brief round-up of feedback on past shows, including a few kind words. Feedback is much appreciated, even if critical. There are several ways to get in touch including commenting on this post – so don’t hold back!

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

TuxJam 43 – A Distinctly NuTyX Flavour

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) are back from our summer holiday (or vacation if you prefer) and keen to get stuck into the world of not-so-well-known free and open source (FOSS) software and Creative Commons music. We start off with our usual distrowatch round-up of new lesser-know GNU/linux distro releases, then move on to discuss experiences with NuTyX – a distro built from the ground up using Linux from Scratch (LFS). We then take a look at the ultra-lightweight web browser Dillo and consider whether its speed and no-frills approach is still useful in a web dominated by javascript (hint: for text content, yes). Kevie then goes on to discuss his experiences with python-based linux twitter client Polly. Finally we recall the early, heady days of summer when we met up with Dave Morris and Andrew Gregory for Podcrawl Glasgow.


Creative commons tracks played in this episode:

TuxJam 42 – THE Meaning of Life

Cover2The scene could not have been better: TuxJam episode 42 recorded on Towel Day. In order to mark this huge event Kevie and Andrew take a look at TWO distros: Gnewsense and RiscOS, we were busy over the last month. We also take a look at SimpleDo and TripleCamel on the Android platform. Not forgetting the power users, Kevie takes a look at the CLI BitTorrent application rtorrent. As well as taking a look ahead to the upcoming Podcrawl Glasgow 2015 (check out the HPR Podcrawl Special), which is taking place in Andrew’s home city (yet oddly enough Kevie seems to be choosing the pubs?!?!?) All this combined with the usual array of creative commons music. The tracks included in this episode are:

TuxJam 41 – Found the plot

Cover2After a wee Easter break, Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) return to talk you through some lesser known Free and Open Source (FOSS) goodies interspersed with specially selected Creative Commons tracks. Distrowatch.com is dominated by Ubuntu-based distro releases at present, but we find a few obscure and interesting ones nonetheless. Kevie then reviews a newly invigorated Twidere which he finds much to his liking. Andrew then talks about one of the oldest examples of FOSS – older than even Linux – the venerable gnuplot, which, surprisingly, is not affiliated with the GNU project. Kevie then reviews Soundwaves which you may find useful for managing podcasts, even TuxJam perhaps.

If you’re interested in podcasts and a pubs (or even just pubs and hanging out with podcasters), please do put 10th July 2015 in your diary and join us for the Glasgow Podcrawl.

Creative commons tracks played:

TuxJam 40 – Game over

Cover2Don’t let the title spook you, it’s not Game Over for TuxJam – it’s a reference to our main review. Andrew (aka mcnalu) returns from his sabbatical (i.e. he had man-flu) to join co-conspirator Kevie for another bout of less well-known FOSS software reviews laced with creative commons music. We start with our usual wander through distrowatch.com  and move on to discuss Sparky Linux – Game Over Edition. Next, Kevie reviews his experience with FireFox OS v2.1 on the ZTE Open phone, and then Andrew reviews the simple, non-GUI music player CMUS, as suggested by the esteemed chalkahlom. We were delighted to have a lot to talk about in our feedback section. Please keep it coming! We really value your thoughts.

Creative commons tracks played:

TuxJam 39 – Returning To My Roots

Cover2In a return to the original TuxJam format, Kevie takes a look at Ikey Doherty’s work on EvolveOS and the Budgie desktop. The Radio Tray applet goes down well with the radio loving host. Being involved with Linux and podcasting means that you become a frequent visitor to IRC, Kevie looks at two Android IRC: AiCiA and YAAIC. Along with the usual mix of Creative Commons music. The tracks included in this episode are:

Kevie’s HPR episodes:

TuxJam 38 – Tangling with Tanglu

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka McNalu) begin by reviewing a bumper crop of interesting distro releases listed on distrowatch.com. Kevie then gives us a revised opinion of some software he reviewed in previous episodes based on longer-term use, and blames Andrew for making him try the vector graphics application Karbon. The rest of the show is taken over with a review of the Debian-based Tanglu GNU/Linux distro, which has been around now for about a year. Kevie tries out both its Gnome and KDE variants, and Andrew, being a day-to-day KDE user, moves out of his comfort-zone to try Tanglu with Gnome 3. Andrew mentions a game he’s been playing – the splendidly titled Sir, You Are Being Hunted – and then explains why he has decided to take out a life membership of the magnatune.com music service, which he often uses as a source of creative commons-licensed music for TuxJam. We end with an appeal for more feedback as unusually we didn’t receive any for TuxJam 37 🙁 Your comments and suggestions for reviews and of music to play are very welcome!

Creative commons tracks played: