TuxJam 45 – We’ve got an ogg feeling about this

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue their neverending* tour of little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) whilst dancing to the tune of Creative Commons music. We survey recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on distrowatch.com and then Andrew recounts his first experiences as an attendee of Oggcamp. Kevie and Andrew then review 4MLinux which is a quadrapedal distro standing on legs of Maintenance, Media, Mini-server and Mystery. Kevie then discusses his experience of playing 4 color taxi which was his first ever bitcoin purchase. Finally, after thinking we had no feedback, we in fact had loads, including some in-person kind words from Alister Christman at Oggcamp. Please do get in touch and remember you can comment on this post.

*This show is not of infinite length.

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

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